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Therapy Services

What is TOUCH?

TOUCH is an on-site therapy program designed to help promote independence for residents by offering individualized care and access to our specialized programs.

We partner with residents, families, community staff and physicians to achieve outstanding outcomes:

  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Greater Satisfaction
  • Increased Independence
  • Concierge-Style Services
  • Quick Access to Care
  • Personalized Programs
  • Optimal Level of Function
Our goal is to TOUCH lives through a compassionate and innovative approach, which will allow those under our care to experience life to its fullest!


TOUCH is based on three key TOUCHstones:



Addresses health and care issues that seniors face daily and can include health living lectures, wellness clinics, health fairs and screenings, staff and caregiver training, support groups and community presentations.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Programs designed to keep residents healthy for enhanced independence and quality of life and to allow them to age in place. May include working with a personal trainer, yoga, massage therapy, tai chi or other specialized exercises.



Onsite personalized, resident-centered physical, occupational and speech therapy services.

TOUCH Specialized Programs:

Falls Reduction Program

Falls can be a serious problem and lead to major injury, hospitalization, loss of mobility and decreased independence. Our Falls Reduction Program helps reduce falls and fractures.

Post-Surgical Therapy Programs

After surgery, joints undergo a healing period. Post-Surgical Therapy Programs can help residents use healing tissue correctly, to promote mobility, strength, flexibility and function, and improve surgical outcomes.

Let Me See, Low Vision Program

Our Low Vision Program is designed to improve sight and sight-related activities to enhance the quality of life.

Dining with Dignity

Assesses the dining experience with our community promoting a social distancing experience that’s safe and enjoyable.

Cognitive Behavioral Management Program

A collaborative approach with the entire interdisciplinary team and the resident’s family to address resident’s cognitive changes, behaviors, and memory loss.

... and many more!