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Westmont of Fresno was uniquely created to encourage lifelong learning, community involvement and above all, personal satisfaction. Strut your stuff with ballroom dancing, explore a museum exhibit, volunteer at a local school and relish the company of new friends—our welcoming amenities give you so many opportunities to enjoy your new life.

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Arts, Crafts & Culture - Westmont of Fresno offers an endless array of activities to stimulate, challenge, enlighten, and enjoy. We make it so easy to get involved with the community around us. Want to volunteer with a local charity? Mentor a child? Or help clean up the environment? Our Westmont of Fresno Volunteer Center helps make your life more rewarding while allowing you to make a difference.

The Veterans Aid & Attendance Program - provides eligible veterans and their surviving spouse additional income per month to help reduce the cost of care for those requiring assisted living or memory care. Ask us for more information as well as local resources that can assist you in applying for this program. Westmont of Fresno is proud to recognize the service and sacrifice of our veterans past, present and future through the development and permanent display of our Honor Walls. We honor and thank our Veterans and their families for their service.

Clubs - At Westmont of Fresno, there’s always something going on. With so many clubs to choose from, you can spend time with friends that share your same interests such as bridge, ballroom dancing, and golf or discover new hobbies like bird watching and photography. And if you can’t find the kind of club you're looking for, our staff will provide the resources you need to start your own.

Fitness - You’ll be inspired to try new things with access to our health club and wellness center.

Lifelong Learning - If there’s one thing in life that we never stop doing, it’s learning. Keep your mind active and sharp by taking advantage of a stimulating array of courses and activities offered at Westmont of Fresno. We believe knowledge can come from a variety of sources. Whether it’s a class taught by one of our own staff, a professor from a local community college, or even one of your fellow residents, you can take courses on a variety of topics ranging from art and genealogy to languages and travel. You can even earn college credit for your studies.