Couple Celebrates 65th Anniversary at Westmont of Cypress

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It's not often that a 65th wedding anniversary takes place but Mary and Dan Dowling had a special evening recently to honor their significant milestone. The couple met in high school but it wasn't until after Dan came home from college that a spark happened. They married on January 19, 1957, in the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles. As a couple, they traveled the world and most recently lived in Washington state until their daughter and son-in-law visited for Thanksgiving when it was snowing. The next thing that they knew, their kids had found a place for them back in Southern California. "From the fir trees in the north to the palm trees in the south," Dan says, "we are glad to be back home again." The couple offers two words of advice for those seeking a long marriage. Just say, "yes dear". Westmont Living is a privately owned and managed senior living provider based in La Jolla with more than 20 years of experience offering exceptional care to seniors. The company's mission is to provide inspiring life experiences that enable residents and their families to lead full and enriching lives. The company now operates in 17 communities in California and Oregon. To take a tour, please call 714-252-7144 or visit

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