The Terraces Living Facility Vaccinates Staff and Residents

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People in assisted living facilities are eligible for the vaccinations. Butte County is not wasting any time getting residents and staff the shots. This was in Chico today at The Terraces senior living facility. All but two people got their first doses. CVS and other local pharmacies are providing this first step on the way to feeling safe around family members again.

“We’ve been looking forward to it. I really want to see my kids and I want to be able to go out,” says Terraces resident Elizabeth Van Eckhardt.

“[It’s important], especially for staff because we do go home, and then come back, so it’s just extra protection for our residents. I think that’s so important because we are active in their lives,” says Justine Konno, staff member.

Butte County Public Health says all senior living and skilled nursing facilities in the county have started the process.

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