Classic cars spark memories for seniors in Yuba City

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Classic car owners shared their meticulously maintained, pristinely painted, prized possessions with Summerfield Senior Living residents on Wednesday in Yuba City.
"You can see their faces when they see these cars that they're like, 'Wow, I used to drive one of them,'" said Richard Sinnott, who brought his red and white convertible 1956 Ford Fairlane. "I like for them to see the cars and go back in time and I like supporting the old folks home," said the Yuba City car collector, who also owns Studebakers. "I like to help the old folks out a lot because we're all going to be there some day."
"It brings back beautiful, wonderful times gone by. They were lovely times but hard times," said Doyle Daniel, 83, a Summerfield resident, who slowly walked up and down a line of 10 classic cars, ranging from the 1920s to 1970s. "Most of us can't get out and go look at these cars, so they brought them here to us. It's great."
"We've done this is to give back to the community and also to enrich the seniors' lives that live here in their community at Summerfield," said Summerfield Senior Living community relations director Janice O'Brien.
"We wanted to bring them back to the time when they were having fun and stimulate them."

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