Drive-up exterior to the senior living home in Newport Oregon Newport features a beautiful and active harbor, near the senior living facility Visit the historic lighthouse in Newport near the senior living facility Sit comfortably in the lobby at senior living in Newport Newport tv game room Oceanview Senior Living

Oceanview Senior Living in Newport, OR

Scenic, Serene & Satisfying

You could hardly choose a more inviting place to enjoy your new retirement life than at Oceanview Senior Living in Newport, Oregon.

Oceanview Senior Living offers a comfortable, quality lifestyle tailored to your individual needs, whether you seek active independent or assisted living. You’ll find engaging activities, thoughtful amenities and new friends. Plus, with month-to-month rents — without buy-in fees or leases — you have plenty of freedom to choose how and where you live today, as well as in the future.

A popular Oregon coastal town, Newport’s many charms include a scenic lighthouse, the bustling boardwalk at Nye Beach with its shops and cafes, a fine aquarium and the busy Newport Bayfront scene.  With invigorating sea breezes, lovely landscaping and ambience that beautifully reflects our locale, our community’s main campus and cottages are situated on a hillside affording panoramic views of the Pacific.

Why not stop by for a visit, discover all that we have to offer and enjoy the views? We’re confident you’ll love what you see.